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Vegetable Smoothies: The Greatest Way to Detox!

The health benefits of drinking vegetables smoothies are numerous and remarkable. They aid in digestion, boost energy, and help with mental clarity. Vegetable smoothies are low in calories but high in water and fiber, giving the feeling of being full, making natural weight loss come easier. However, even with the benefits of green smoothies for example, there is still a stigma about them. When people think of green smoothies, they typically think of bitter tasting, over priced drinks, served at health food chains and restaurants for health nuts only.  This often isn’t too far from the truth, and it’s no wonder why the average person steers clear of these green drinks. Of course you can make a smoothie by yourself at home - but chopping up some greens, throwing them in the blender, and hoping for the best doesn’t always turn out so well and there’s still the issue of gulping down that unpalatable taste. Why go to the hassle of getting all the ingredients from a supermarket, finding a recipe, and making your own vegetable smoothie just to be disappointed by the taste? It just isn’t convenient or cost effective, and the end result isn’t worth it.


Why Smoothie Mix?


It would be a shame to ignore the health advantages of green smoothies just because they can be expensive and difficult to make. Luckily, there is a better way to enjoy a green smoothie at home without having to make it from scratch: vegetable smoothie mixes. There are vegetable juice mixes on the market that are affordable, easy to make, and they actually taste good. For far cheaper than a store bought green smoothie, you can make a better tasting smoothie by using a smoothie mix and just adding water and ice. These mixes pack in the sought after greens and add the flavor of other healthy fruits to concoct a great tasting smoothie that serves as a nutritious replacement for a meal, post workout drink, or simply just a healthy snack.


What’s in the Bottle?


Like any health food product, it’s important to read the label and understand what you’re getting with a vegetable juice mix. A good tasting, affordable green smoothie means nothing if you lose out on all the health benefits. You definitely want to avoid GMOs, added sugars, artificial preservatives, and generally anything that is not 100% juice. The Harvest Greens Smoothie Mix from Smartfruit makes a fantastic green smoothie and comes from a line of products that all meet these requirements. The tasty fruits like apples, kiwis, cucumbers and bananas dominate the flavor while they manage to pack in servings of spinach, kale and lemongrass


By using a vegetable smoothie mix in place of store bought smoothies, you’re not only saving yourself money and time, but you can actually get yourself a better tasting and even healthier drink. With the convenience, low-cost, and great taste of smoothie mixes it is finally time to shake the stigma of green smoothies and reap the health benefits!

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